Learning Italian on the Via Francigena: from San Gimignano to Radicofani


In the Middle Ages the pilgrimage to Rome, to visit the the tomb of the apostle Peter,  

was one of the three peregrinationes maiores (“major pilgrimages”) together with the pilgrimages to the Holy Land and to Santiago of Compostela: a network of routes where the European identities and cultures melted.

The Via Francigena is part of  several routes which led to Rome from Northern Europe, expecially from France.

The modern itinerary of  Via Francigena - which has been designated a «Major Cultural Route of the Council of Europe» - comes from the 79 stops that Sigeric, the Archibishop of Canterbury, recorded on his way back to Canterbury from Rome where he had received his Pallium from the Pope in 990.


LINGUA  propose you  a course in Italian language while walking on the Via Francigena in the heart of Tuscany from San Gimignano to Radicofani, each night resting in pilgrim hostels or in private hotels at your choice.

One stage (or part of a stage) per day: everiday one hour and a half Italian tuition in the morning before each stage starts and one hour and a half Italian tuition during the resting stop in the middle of each stage.

Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and to talk with the teacher while walking throughout the whole  route, a full immersion in Italian language in a place which is unique for history, nature and culture:

from the towers in San Gimignano to the walls in Monteriggioni and to Siena;



....then all along the Val d’Orcia to Ponte d’Arbia, to San Quirico d’Orcia till the panoramic tower topping the hill of Radicofani.


The program is tailor-made for each group: each stage may take two or more days according to the needs of the participants. Other itineraries may be arranged


For more information: corsi@lingua.it

Last updated 10. 06. 2022